Talking about Leadership & EQ in the post-Covid19 era with Ogilvy’s Chief Digital Officer

16/05/2022, Ogilvy’s offices
16/05/2022, Some of Ogilvy’s awards
16/05/2022, Daphni Lokoviti, the Executive Director of TEAM OTE and Chief Digital Officer at Ogilvy Greece
16/05/2022, Interview with Daphni Lokoviti
  • her career in advertising
  • how Ogilvy operated during the pandemic and today, in the post-Covid19 era
  • the new leadership requirements
  • the role of emotional intelligence of leaders
  • tips and predictions for the future
16/05/2022, Daphni Lokoviti working while following the precautionary measures.




Communication, Μedia and Culture // Panteion University

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Maria Perou

Maria Perou

Communication, Μedia and Culture // Panteion University

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